Hello everyone! WOW! March feels like forever ago! At the beginning of 2020 we were preparing to host a very special event offering sessions to mothers and children (which we still hope to do one day). Then Covid hit and all got cancelled; our focus went to different things like homeschooling, disinfecting groceries (eye roll), social distancing, etc. Now that we are somewhat adapted to this strange new way of living, we feel ready to safely come back to Casa Studio and prepare for The Portrait Project - our yearly event photo sessions that donates to children in need. 


This year more than EVER there will be a lot of families struggling during the holidays. Kids are kids, and unfortunately some of them can't quite understand the magnitude of what is going on in the world right now. A toy sounds like something really small and simple but it can mean the world to them. For that reason, we will be here again- for our 5th consecutive year- offering photo sessions to kids with 100% of the profits from The Portrait Project being used to purchase toys. We are really looking forward to it!


Fun fact: I came up with Casa Studio. to rebrand our beloved "The Portrait Project". It was also a way to host different types of events during the year aside from TPP. Little did I know that Casa Studio. would then become "my casa" studio! Yes, you heard it right. Since Covid hit, I have been working a ton from home, mainly from my garage. I mean, really.... with a backdrop and lighting, it doesn't matter where you are when you take photos. So anyway, I wanted for it to be more functional and also inspiring to work from. My husband and I took on the project and transformed the garage into my home studio. So now Casa Studio. really is mi casa studio ... and I am looking forward to hosting you at mi casa!


With a few changes, we will be holding the event in Danville, CA. You can read more about it on our FAQ page. One of the biggest differences from previous years is that in 2020, The Portrait Project will no longer host more than one family during an hour slot. We will be disinfecting the shooting area in between sessions, and of course everyone will be wearing masks. Sadly, we won't be able to have out fun table full of treats anymore and our crew will be dialed down to a bare minimum. Your time at the space during the session will be quick: arrive camera ready, shoot and go. Photo selection will also be done later on via scheduled Zoom calls. Lots of changes but most importantly you will end up with beautiful timeless photos of your children while helping make others happy : )


All images on this post were shot at the new Casa Studio. space, and they represent the style we are going for this year: back and white, timeless images. I am SO EXCITED for it! It has been so fun shooting at the new place!

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Thanks for reading!


- Pri