The Mother Event

photo by Priscilla Gragg for The Portrait Project Mother's Event

photo by Priscilla Gragg for Casa Studio Mother's Event.

Hi all! Priscilla here!

I have debated for so long whether to offer a mother + kids event or not! I have always loved taking photo of mothers and their own children at commercial jobs, so this idea has been on the back of my mind for years. It is such a special relationship, one that is not often registered because, oh well, we are all so busy... taking photos of our own kids.

photo by Priscilla Gragg for Casa Studio Mother's Event.

I actually don't have many images of myself and my kids, unfortunately. Sure there are a few selfies here and there, but how about something a little more special? Timeless, elegant, black and white photos in studio of you and your babies. An opportunity to create your next favorite family heirloom in a very meaningful way. When do we get a chance like that?

photo by Priscilla Gragg for Casa Studio Mother's Event.

I am so excited to announce that for the first time ever, we will host an event dedicated to the moms and their kids. It will happen in May, and it will be the perfect Mother's Day gift - not only for the mamas participating, but also for some special mamas going through tough times right now...

I am so very inspired by the story of Lisa Truong from Help a Mother Out!

"In 2009, Lisa Truong saw an Oprah segment featuring a middle-class family who’d lost their jobs, then their home, and were living in a shelter with their young children. That story inspired Lisa and her friend Rachel Fudge—who were both new mothers—to find a way to lend a hand.

As they reached out to family service agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, they learned that the number-one need wasn’t clothing, blankets, or even food. The biggest need was diapers—which aren’t covered under social-safety-net programs like WIC or food stamps and are in short supply. So Lisa and Rachel organized a Mother’s Day donation drive to collect diapers and wipes for local agencies. In one month, they collected more than 15,000 diapers via social networks, mom blogs, and listservs, as well as their real-world networks of mothers’ groups, local parenting stores, and play spaces."


photo by Priscilla Gragg for Casa Studio Mother's Event.

A portion of the profits of this event will be donated to Help a Mother Out.
While we are still working on the details of The Mother's Event, please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Spaces will be limited to provide moms + kids the a unique experience.
Thanks for reading!
- Pri