Ideas on How to Display Photo of your Kids at Home.

Now that you had photos of your little ones done professionally, what do you do with them? Hopefully you won't leave the photos in your hard drive! 
Kids actually LOVE seeing photos of themselves! Some of my best childhood memories are of looking of photos of me and my sisters! Now I get to see the same joy on the faces of our kids at home. They love "living" those moments again and giggle together when looking at albums.
Here are some creative ideas on how to display them at your home. Personally, I like printing with Artifact Upraising. I like the quality of their paper. I feel very inspired by french printing company Innocence but I have also printed at UPS in the past, using their larger paper size and it was a fun, easy and cheap way to see the image enlarged! 
Have some fun with it!

Thanks for reading!


- Pri




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