Our Style

Since 2016, we have had many different ways of photographing kids for The Portrait Project. A lot of thought goes into the lighting, mood, color palette, wardrobe styling, etc. 

This year for the first time ever, I decided to shoot the event 100% in black and white. When looking at images of my own kids, my favorites have always been the ones shot in black and white so i wanted for the participants that will attend the event to have a handful special portraits of their own as well.

A lot of inspiration for this year is coming from vintage images I like to research and archive! I have been collecting them for so many years and what a great time to express myself creatively with our upcoming events.

I am super excited about this! And because we already know the way it will be shot, it is so much easier to think about styling. Playing with contrast colors will be a must but also, photographing denim in B&W is one of my favorite things to do. I am looking forward to playing with textures and different dimensions to make the images interesting. Parents will get a full PDF with ideas about looks, this is all in the works right now!

- Pri