Interview with super mama Karla Quiz


When I was prepping for one of The Portrait Project's sessions I was introduced to Karla's instagram account. I contact her asking if her little girls would like to be a part of it. Then I found out that Karla and I were practically neighbors, like a couple of exits far from each other! After many walks, playdates and lunch dates later,  I feel SO LUCKY to have Karla in my life. She is a strong woman, an amazing creative entrepreneur that juggles work and motherhood with much charm. She has her heart open and so much love to share. A true inspiration and a complete joy to be around. Her girls are the cutest things, it is always a pleasure to photograph them. I had the honor of photographing Karla, France and Fair for the our upcoming Mother Event. Please enjoy the photos and an interview with mi amiga Karla!




- Pri


Tell us about you Karla.

 I’m a Latina who’s got a lot of salsa in her blood. I talk with my hands and wear my heart on my sleeve. I’ve always said what’s on my mind but thankfully with age I’ve gotten a little wiser. I LIVE for my family and I can’t sit still. I’m a very passionate person. I want to do it all and all at the same time. I had the blessing of bringing two daughters into this world and I want nothing more than to see them happy, healthy and living life to the fullest. I’m proud to see them at such a young age be kind, bold and loving. Jason my husband is my heartbeat. We have been together for over 15+ years (married for 13 yrs. in August) and he’s everything I am not. He’s patient, slow to speak, crafty and thinks of the details. Right now my interests are in skincare, health and finding beauty in the mundane. I want to be OK with taking deep breathes and living a little slower and more intentionally. 

We love your series on instagram “If Karla Was…” how did you come up with it?

Thank you. I love so many things but don’t buy it all. Starting “If Karla was….”  is a way for people to know me better and my esthetic. When I stumbled upon pictures of women’s fashion or homes exc. I love but don’t work with my lifestyle it was like… DANG if I lived outside of the suburbs and Jason and I didn’t have kids that would TOTALLY be our house. So that’s when “If Karla Was…” was born. 

We know you love pets! How many have you had? What was the most you have had all at once?

I’m a HUGE animal lover. My pets are a part of the family. I take my Dolly (miniature schnauzer) everywhere. As a kid I’ve had 10 pets at once but now I only have one. Super sad but I recently made the decision to re-home my two Cockatiel’s. I’m not always working from home these days and it didn’t seem fair for them. 

Now let’s talk about the girls, what are the memories you hope that France and Fair have from their childhood?

That Mami and Papi loved each other to the core and that we always had fun in our casa. Music is always playing. That WE made a happy home. God was in the center of it all. 


We know little Fair does a big chunk of modeling and has shot for so many cool clients, yet you have a really chill approach about it. Can you tell us about it? 

I truly believe that what is meant for me and my family will happen no matter what. I think the process should be chill. Her career started so organically, thanks to my friend Kate who talked to me about it and the rest is history. She’s almost 6…if it’s not fun and flowing naturally we don’t want it to happen. The both of us don’t want or need additional obligations or stress. 

Can you tell us how are you guys keeping the kids busy at home during shelter-at-home?

I realize that as soon as you give things a fun name, create a schedule and pump it up kids love it. Soooo we started #mamipapicamp we made this whole stay at home experience fun sounding. If we can’t change the situation right now, we might as well turn it into a good time. They pack  whatever they want in tote bags and we have a “schedule” (it’s flexible of course) because my girls love having one. Yoga in the morning, having them cook their meals with us, piano practice, Minecraft, crafts, computer coding, writing letters to cousins, FaceTime play dates, organizing, gardening and practice dancing.... This whole situation right now has thrown a wrench in all our lives BUT we feel blessed to be healthy and have all that we do. Staying positive and following precautions is what we are doing.


When the kids are needy of mommy and you have to go to work, how do you explain to them the reasons why you do what you do?

I once read that making them feel like you don’t want to go to work and having them see it as a negative is unhealthy. I tell them I love to work and it’s great for my mind and it’s a good challenge. The opportunity is wonderful and it allows our family to save and do fun things. The same way they enjoy school and other activities…I need to and it helps us all as a family. When my daughters are older, I want them to feel empowered to knock down barriers and have a seat in a “man’s” table. I come from a generation of women who fought their way in and I hope my daughters feel that they can do the same. Guilt free. 

Tell us about you and Jason! How do you find ways to spend time just you and him? How often? Who watches the kids? Why is it important to do that?

Jason is calm and steady. I’m the tornado in our home. I make things fun and have all the ideas and plan it all. He happily enjoys it and then tells me we need time somewhere in my schedule to relax. I just schedule it in ahead of time and make the plans. My parents live 8 minutes away and they watch the girls the majority of the time. If not my sweet friend Bailey does. I’m going to age myself here BUT when Bailey was 7 or 8 I used to babysit her and now she helps me with the girls. WOW full circle. If it’s important…you just need to make it happen. 

We saw that you recently did a photo shoot for your brand James Fox Co.! That is so exciting! How did it go? What is next for your brand? What are you working on?

Yes! James Fox Co. got a new face and inventory. Hallelujah! It was about time. The photoshoot was incredible. I’m not just saying that… A couple of the models texted me that they felt honored to be there and they hadn’t felt so beautiful in a long time. It was a special shoot and had a lot of heart behind it. 

You’ll have to wait and see what’s to come. JFCo. is my passion project and I’m proud of it. 


all images shot for Casa Studio. by Priscilla Gragg styling Jenn Bonnett hair and make up Janet Mariscal shot at Clove and Whole.