Black and White Photography

Ojos de Videotape by Florencia Muriel

Ojos de Videotape by Florencia Muriel

Black and white photography is so beautiful and timeless! By removing the colors from a photograph, you are removing all distractions, leaving the viewer to focus on the emotion. Not all images make great black and white photographs, but if you are planning for it, there are a few things that can be done before you take a photo. For example, thinking about textures and contrast. 

Amanda Janes Jone and family at a photo booth

One of my favorites kind of black and white photography are the ones from old-school photo booths. The lighting is so simple, yet so flattering. If you go with someone else- a friend, your husband, your kids, the space forces you to be really close together, which I love! 

photo by Priscilla Gragg

This photo above I shot about 6 years ago for a kids fashion magazine publication. I had planned for this image to be black and white - which is the reason she is wearing the dress with bold pattern and the big statement sunglasses - however at the time we decided to run it in color. I am happy to give it a second life now and share it how it was meant to be : )

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